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Our Smokefree Housing Work in Alaska

The American Lung Association in Alaska advocates for and assists with
implementation of smokefree housing policies throughout the state.
We believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean air, especially at home.



  • There is great disparity in tobacco use among diverse Alaskan populations. Tobacco use affects both those who use tobacco and nicotine products and those who are exposed to smoke, aerosol (from vaping), and other byproducts when tobacco or nicotine products are used.
  • Secondhand smoke (SHS) is responsible for at least 3,000 lung cancer deaths and 46,000 heart disease deaths each year.
  • In Alaska, approximately 9,560 children experience SHS exposure in their homes. Children exposed to SHS are more likely to suffer from a variety of lung diseases, like pneumonia or bronchitis.
  • Secondhand e-cigarette aerosol contains ultrafine particles, nicotine, and other chemicals that are known to be harmful to health.
  • Secondhand marijuana smoke has been found to contain many of the same toxic and cancer-causing chemicals as cigarette smoke, some of which are at higher amounts.
  • Smokefree policies have been shown to
    • Improve peoples’ health
    • Decrease business costs for insurance, cleaning, maintenance and turnover.
    • Decrease the chance of fire. Smoking materials are a leading cause of both home fires and home fire deaths in Alaska and the United States.
85% of Alaskans prefer to spend time where people are not smoking. However, among Alaskans who rent, only 48% reported that their landlord has a rules about smoking on the property



Most Alaskans prefer living in smokefree environments. Currently, 48% of renters reported that their landlord has rules about smoking on their property. Therefore, we work to:

About the American Lung Association

The American Lung Association is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease, through research, education and advocacy. We focus on these strategic imperatives; to defeat lung cancer; to improve the air we breathe; to reduce the burden of lung disease on individuals and their families and to eliminate tobacco use and tobacco-related diseases. Learn more about the American Lung Association in Alaska >>

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