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National #MakeADogsDay 2023

October 22, 2023 is the fifth year for Subaru’s National Make a Dog’s Day! We couldn’t resist the urge to celebrate!

Having a dog in your life could be considered self-care, because daily walks sure are more fun with a fur-friend who loves a good outdoor jaunt. Below are some tips for being active with your pup!

  • Take your dog for a walk in a new location! They get new smells, you might get some new terrain.
  • If you usually only walk your dog, take them on a jog or a hike. Increasing your intensity is a great way to maintain your fitness and your lung strength
  • Consider an agility class with your pup
  • Your dog’s health matters, if they are exposed to secondhand or thirdhand smoke, make their day and limit these exposures
  • Play fetch or frisbee with your dog while you walk around

Just like Gretchen from Mean Girls, we want to make “Fetch” happen!

Pictured above: One of our staff member’s dogs, Camber, begging for more treats!

Don’t have a dog? As my college professor always used to say, “Walk your dog every day, even if you don’t have a dog.”


One thought on “National #MakeADogsDay 2023

  1. Bea says:

    I’d name one Five Miles so it can be said I walk five miles every day. (Goals to do that every day!)

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