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National Pet Day 2024

Secondhand Smoke and Pets - Smoke Free At Home NM

Clean air for you and your pets

The truth is, our pets are exposed to second- and thirdhand smoke in the same way that people are. In fact, some smokers may not even think about their pets when it comes to limiting the exposure of those around them.

Reminder: Secondhand smoke is exhaled tobacco smoke and the smoke from the lit product itself. Thirdhand smoke is smoke residues that get on skin, clothes, furniture, carpets, and other things in the smoker’s environment, including their pets’ fur or feathers.

Check out this article from the FDA about how pets are at risk of a shortened lifespan if exposed to tobacco smoke. Essentially, pets are almost more susceptible to exposure as their owner (who smokes) can be thought of as another “surface” that thirdhand smoke can stick to…

Protect yourself and your family members, including your furred and feathered ones…Call Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line at 1-800-QUIT-NOW, text READY to 34191, or visit to start your smoke-free journey today.

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